Thursday Evening Sitting Group

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (Thursdays)

Unity Church

One of our teachers leads this program, including a 40-minute silent meditation, a short dharma talk, and a discussion period. This is an in-person group in the small chapel at Unity Church, 227 East Arrellaga Street, Santa Barbara.


Teacher Schedule

Jan 18 Alice: Right intention

Jan 25 Gary: Right speech

Feb 1 Shelley:  Right action
Feb 8 Gary: Right livelihood
Feb 15 John:  Right effort and chanting
Feb 22 Gary: Right concentration
Feb 29 Shelley: Right mindfulness
March 7.   Alice : Summary of the 8-fold path
March 14    Alice
March 21.  John: Chanting
March 28.   Alice
April 4 Gary
April 11 Alice
April 18 Shelley
April 25  Alice
May 2  Gary
May 9  Shelley
May 16   Shelley
May 23  Alice
May 30  Gary